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I got these before our club trip to Coal Creek in Tennessee.

I went through the milk crate that I keep behind the seats and of the three spare rear u-joints and three spare front u-joints that I keep in there, most of the boxes were destroyed from being crushed under other heavy stuff or having gotten wet on one trip or another.

During our driver’s meeting on the third day, before heading up into the mountains, I brought out the joint jackets and asked what guys thought of them. The majority of the twenty two people standing there thought that they were a great idea. One guy said, “Why not just keep them in the boxes…why spend money on this?”

I was prepared. I took out one of my boxes that held the front conversion joints and it literally fell apart in my hands, leaving me with a u-joint that was trying to shed its caps, and therefore, its needle bearings.

“That’s why.”

I hope you sell a million of these things. It’s a neat idea.

Soilentgreen, via  (Link to comment)

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