Pirate 4×4 – 2

Pirate 4×4 – 2

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The Joint Jacket

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It will change the way you look at electrical tape!


Check your Size here, easy to read Chart!


The joint Jacket protects Universal Joints (U-Joints) from cap and needle bearing loss, from drops and dings, and aids in installation.
Best of all, no more sticky fingers. Stop using electrical tape, or worse, masking tape. The Joint Jacket is just plain smart, and super affordable.


For just $3.99 each, you too can stop U-Joint abuse.


Size 1
Fits U-joint(s) – 1310, 1310 BC, 1330, 1330 BC, 1350, 1350 AAM, Dana 30, Dana 44, GM 3RL, 7260


Size 2
Fits U-joint(s) – 1480, Dana 60, & Dana 70


Size 3
Fits U-joint(s) – 1410


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Joint Jacket


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