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Product Description

We are pleased to introduce a full line of Weld Tabs from FM Fab. We are making our Tabs out of high quality Cold Rolled steel. We have gone a step further with our Tabs and cut ours using WaterJet. We also tumble debur all our Tabs at no extra cost to you.

We have over 43 types and sizes to choose from, these include.

  • Tube Tabs
  • Flat Tabs – Angled
  • Flat Tabs – Straight
  • Corner Tabs
  • Gussets
  • Specialty Tabs

Yes our Tabs cost more than other guys…. why?

  • Our Tabs are Precision WaterJet cut to exact numbers
  • Our Tabs come with a .200″ Pilot hole, no need to buy different hole size Tabs
  • NO “Heat Affected” zones like Plasma Or Laser cut Tabs
  • NO deformation, as with those cheap stamped Tabs
  • We tumble Debur our Tabs for 8hrs for free, so no sharp edges
  • We use Low Carbon Cold Rolled Steel, from the USA
  • We offer Drilling and Tapping on most all of our Tabs

Don’t buy that cheap stamped junk from china. Who knows what steel they use in those things, ex-tuna cans or worse! You don’t want your Tabs ripping off because of it, not worth it. For a the cost of a pack of gum, or less, you can get better. We use premium USA steel, you fab guys can tell the difference when welding, I sure can.

Our Tabs are WaterJet cut, if you didn’t see that by now. With WaterJet cutting you don’t get the deformation from Punching and shearing. Typically on a punched Tab, the hole sizes can differ and there is usually a sharp side and soft size, ours are quality on both sides. With Laser and HD Plasma or Standard Plasma you get the dreaded “Heat Affected” Zone. This weakens the Tabs strength considerably and also crystalizes the edges and creates difficulty in machining, tapping, and drilling.

The saying stands true, “You Get What You Pay For.” Get ours and you will see the difference.


Additional Information

Weight 0.65 oz
Dimensions 1 x 1 x 0.2 in
Hole Options:

Plain-Stock .200 hole, Drilled 1/4" +$2.99, Drilled 5/16" +$2.99, Drilled 3/8" +$2.99, Drilled 7/16" +$2.99, Drilled 1/2" +$2.99, Drilled–Other $TBD, Tapped 1/4-20" +$9.99, Tapped 1/4-28" +$9.99, Tapped 5/16-18" +$9.99, Tapped 5/16-24" +$9.99, Tapped 3/8-16" +$12.99, Tapped 3/8-24" +$12.99, Tapped 7/16-14" +$15.99, Tapped 7/16-20" +$15.99, Tapped 1/2-13" +$15.99, Tapped 1/2-20" +$15.99, Tapped–Other $TBD


3/16" (.1875")


Cold Rolled Steel


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