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Product Description

If your a Driveline Shop or OEM we have the solve for you! Get your Hands on our new Joint Jackets for the wholesale market. Available in Black Silicone, it will add a nice touch to all your drive shaft. Also, for a few pennies more we can add your Brand to the side of each one, allowing some extra branding at a low cost. Available for as low as $.59 each, they are as affordable as any other solution you have on your shelf!


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Size 1
Fits U-joint(s) – 1310, 1310 BC, 1330, 1330 BC, 1350, 1350 AAM, Dana 30, Dana 44, GM 3RL, 7260, Mechanics 2, Toyota, & MORE

Size 2
Fits U-joint(s) – 1480, Dana 60, Dana 70, 7290, 1410, 1410 AAM, & MORE

Who Uses The Joint Jacket?

  • Automotive
  • Off-Road
  • Industrial
  • Oil Industry
  • OEM Manufacturers
  • Drive Shaft Manufacturers
  • Recreational Users

… and many more!

The Joint jacket offers big protection for little money.

  • Oil, Fuel, Solvent, and Acid resistant.
  • More puncture resistant than most natural rubbers.
  • Store your Universal Joints without worry, in your trunk, under your seat, or in the shop.
  • Slip it over your spare Drive Shaft or Axle U-Joint without using the silly tape.
  • Works in pairs to protect all 4 Caps, or use just one Joint Jacket when you have only 2 Caps vulnerable.
  • Provide damage protection when transporting and handling.
  • Use during Axle or Drive Shaft installation to prevent accidental loss or damage.

Care and Use:

  • NOTE: Some versions of the Joint Jacket Fit tight and some loose. This is intentional, it allows for variations in U-Joint series cap size.
  • DO Wash with soap and water to remove mild dirt and debris. Don’t use Acetone!
  • DON’T get caught using electrical tape on your Bearing caps, if so you will soon find out why.
  • DO buy as many as you want, we offer bulk pricing too.
  • DON’T let your friends use electrical tape either, they will blame you.
  • DO check out the Additional Information section for more Scientific Jargon…

Get yours today, before it’s too late!

Additional Information

Weight 1 oz
Dimensions 4 x 1.5 x 1.5 in
Size Application Notes

Size 1 Fits U-joint(s) – 1310, 1310 BC, 1330, 1330 BC, 1350, 1350 AAM, Dana 30, Dana 44, GM 3RL, 7260 Size 2 Fits U-joint(s) – 1480 & Dana 60, & 1410


Size 1, Size 2


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